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Justin Bieber Rocks New Facial Hair, This Got Fans Questioning

Bieber first introduced the world to his ‘stache in early January, when he debuted an Instagram clip featuring friends dancing along to his new single “Yummy” on tables, in the club, and while getting ice cream.

That was just the beginning for Justin’s ‘stache. It’s made a comeback lately, as the Biebs has been posting several new photos of him rocking the same look over and over again. Whether it’s on a poster for his new YouTube docuseries or while he’s lounging with his wife Hailey, he’s proudly rocking that facial hair.

Justin Bieber is known for his drastic style changes over the years, like his latest short pink haircut, dreads, and the many other alterations he’s made to his look over the years. But there’s one part of his style that’s made a resurgence lately that has fans questioning his taste: his mustache.

When celebrities change their hair, be it facial or the hair on their head, it can be hard for fans to cope.

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