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Nollywood Actor Charles Inojie Bang Nigerian Preachers Abroad

Charles Inojie posted some true fact on his Instagram page. he express himself concerning the issues of Nigerian preachers who refuse to obey the law of the community or country they reside.  He made it clear that how will man obeys God law if they cant obey laws of men pointing out that Government are instituted to ensure order and coexistence.

He shares a throwback video of a preacher from Nigeria who got arrested in the street of London while trying to preach the gospel.  Charles made it clear that if the laws of the country you are residing resist a particular thing then immigrant should abide by it. He said,

“if the laws of your country of residence frown at certain things as illegal, by all means, don’t engage in them.

by disobeying you are invariably sinning because disobedience is a sin.

how well can you obey God’s law if you cannot obey the laws of man? the government of this world are there to ensure order and coexistence otherwise, there would be anarchy, social disorder, and political strife.

it is okay to preach the gospel but your right to do so should not infringe on the rights of others.

Shegesians what your opinion on this?

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